29 sept. 2010

Resident Evil Maps

It could be a game like this...

Let's imagine a game where every single person is usefull. A cooperative game where its neccesary to help each other to survive the zombie horror. All of you are normal persons, and have to survive a zombie invassion. The point of this game is to survive , to regroup with other ppl and try create a new humanity origin. Think a game like 3D MMO, not shooter, not like MMORPG, a game where you dont have to lvl up, just try to survive, to score differents challenges. A game where every single error have extremely consequences. Basics actions, speak with other players, do actions like catch, attack, buy, build,... , in conclussion, some actions that let you to survive in this madness world. The duty to procreate in fact to find a hope for humanity.

Hi guys!

Welcome to my blog,  I'd like to show you some details about this game from ps1 platform, you can use this post like a guide, because I'm going to upload some screens that probably help you in your game progress. In the following lines I'm going to show you the maps of the whole game.

If  you want to know more about this game or Resident Evil saga, take a look at this link below.

The Mansion

When you start a new game in RE1, the first place where you begin to play is The Mansion (or Spencer's Mansion). The Mansion has three floors :  2F, 1F and B1F,If you want to explore all the rooms you have to find the appropiate keys. Here you have the maps of this floors and the descriptions of each room.



1.Main Hall                   8.Tiger's eye Hall            15.Grave Room              22.Shotgun
2.Dining Room              9.Tiger's eye Room         16.Window's Corredor   23.Gallery Room
3.Kenneth Hall            10.Greenhouse                 17.Mirror Room             25.Corridor 2
4.Downstairs1             11.Piano Room                18.Corridor 1                 26.Downstairs3
5.Serum/Restroom      12.Upstairs2                     19.Boiler Room              27.Restroom
6.Broken Shotgun       13.Blueball Room             20.Bathroom1                28.Study Room
7.Zombie Wardrobe   14.Statue Room/1F map   21.Trap Room                29.Corridor 3

30.Mansion - Courtyard Room
31.Dressing Room


1.Main Hall-2F            8.Library                  15.Corridor                 22.Bedroom
2.Dining Room 2F       9.Library/spotlight     16.Dark Room            23.Fish Tank Room
3.Upstairs 1               10.Heliport sight         17.Yawn's Room        24.Chimney Room
4.Deer's Eye Room    11.Forest Corridor    18.Armor's Room        25.Yawn's Room2
5.Corridor                 12.Forest                   19.Study Room
6.Corridor/Elevator    13.Corridor               20.Corridor/Upstairs3
7.Battery Room         14.Richard Room       21.Room

1.Grave B1 Corridor
4.Downstairs 2.

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